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The Hidden Pandemic of Postoperative Complications:


Summit 2 COMING 2023

The First Summit

Summit 1 on 09 March 2020 was attended by 85 experts from around Australia and New Zealand, with invited guests from the USA and the UK. This included clinicians; professional colleges and associations; private and public hospital executives; health insurers; state and federal health departments, state and national organisations aimed at advancing safety and quality, clinical excellence, and health translation; research groups; and consumers. It generated a Report containing principles and recommendations to achieve high value perioperative care to address postoperative complications, which is available at A summary of this Report is shortly to appear in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery.

Health and economic events since March 2020 suggest there is an imperative to provide high quality sustainable surgical and perioperative care. Further, we believe the Report, and activity to implement improved care, can be enhanced with the inclusion of a wider range of stakeholders.

It is timely to now: review this Report; examine progress towards its aims; and consider how future activities can be facilitated. 

Summit 2 will focus on presentations from key stakeholder groups on their response to the Report, and activities which are currently underway or should be a high priority. There will also be facilitated discussion on how complex activities involving a broad range of stakeholders can be advanced.   


Presentations will provide the basis for discussion during the meeting. Proceedings and recommendations and suggestions will be again uploaded to the Hidden Pandemic website.

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